We’re Bright
a design and communications agency based in London.

Bright by name, bright by nature

Our approach is intelligent and original. Ideas come first, before being transformed into smart, simple and impactful design solutions.

We create engaging, effective and targeted communications that provoke a direct and positive response from both consumers and colleagues. We aim to bring people and organisations closer together.

Drawing on experience

Launched in October 2018, Bright may be shiny and new, but collectively we’ve earned our design stripes; with each of us having worked for a wide variety of clients in the past, from global corporates, leading art institutions and commercial galleries, through to a selection of start-ups.

We’re passionate about all things design, but have particular experience in:

  • Brand strategy and development
  • Corporate reporting
  • Internal communications
  • Digital design and web development
  • Art book and catalogue design

Creating collaboratively

We set up Bright specifically to work as a smaller team, meaning we can be more responsive, flexible, and ultimately more creative.

We collaborate with specialist partners, so depending on the nature and scale of a project we’re able to assemble a bespoke team to fit your brief. This helps to keep things fresh for us and our clients, and also means that our reduced overheads are reflected in our budgets.

We are flexible

Unlike larger agencies who often come with extra layers, working with us means you meet and connect directly with the people who do the work, helping stimulate the flow of ideas, as well as creating a closer understanding or shorthand for working together.

Believing in...

  • helping our clients see opportunities, and bring clarity and simplicity to organisational aims. All done with a touch of wit, and a dose of intelligent thought.

  • finding out what makes your message unique, and expressing it in the clearest and most memorable way. We can then develop your message across all relevant media.

  • great design having the power to make the complex simple, and the simple beautiful.

Working on it

Because we’re brand new, we don’t yet have a great deal of work to showcase on our site. However, we will be updating our website regularly over the next year, so please keep an eye on this space.

In the meantime…

we’d love an opportunity to tell you more about us. Or, if you have an idea or project you’d like to talk through with us, please call or email using the contact details below. The future’s bright!